Types of Golf Balls

Over time, golf balls have had different incarnations. During the earlier stages in the development of the game, the wooden ball and the featherie were the types used. After those came the gutta-percha ball and the rubber Haskell golf ball. After these came the variants made of synthetic resin and mixed urethane, which is how we know golf balls today.

Aside from these historical types, balls can also be classified into three basic types:

the two-piece golf ball, the three-piece golf ball, and the four-piece golf ball. While classification and comparison through brands might be popular, it is necessary to study these basic types first. Note also that these are standard classifications even across different brands.

two-piece golf ballThe two-piece golf ball is also called the traditional ball. This is made of one inner core and an outer shell for covering. This is the hardest type in terms of the material used, and it produces less spin. Because of the lessened spin, it is consequently less sensitive to miscues when hitting the ball. The traditional golf ball also works well even with slower swing speeds. Because of all these factors, it is ideal for use by beginners and players with high handicaps. It gives you decent distance for your swing, reduced spin, and fewer hooks and slices in-game. The two-piece golf ball is also the cheapest, making it highly attractive for beginners who tend to lose a lot of balls as they develop their game.

The next basic type is the three-piece golf ball. This is made of a solid inner core, an outer core made of plastic-like material, and a shell made from soft balata, which is sap from a tree. Also called the professional golf ball, it has a softer feel than the previous type, especially when hit. It also produces more spin, making it attractive for serious amateurs and players who have consistent swings. These characteristics translate into better control over distance in direction, but a trade-off has to be made in terms of spin. The high spin rate makes three-piece golf balls highly sensitive to mishits. This is also more expensive than the traditional two-piece type.

four-piece golf ballThe last type is the four-piece golf ball. These golf balls are the newest in the industry. Also called the tour ball, it is made of multiple layers of different materials. You can choose balls which use different materials for the different layers. This means you can pick one which uses material that is fully tailored to make the ball play up to your strengths and offset your weaknesses. It provides longer distances, more spin when attempting approach shots, and better gameplay on the green. However, this is the most expensive type. It also requires a high swing speed that you often only see done by pro players. Because of this, the four-piece type is usually used only by professional golfers and serious amateurs who have lots of cash.

If you don’t want to settle for the two-piece type, you can always buy used three-piece or four-piece types in bulk. The only problem is finding these balls and verifying that they are actually multilayer types. In fact, buying used golf balls in bulk is the logical choice for any beginner.

The idea behind any sport is that the longer you play, the better you become. Slowly shift from the two-piece types and then as your game develops, make changes in ball choice accordingly. If you are convinced you need three-piece or four-piece balls for your game, try hitting several of these on the tee to see if they really suit you. As you choose, remember that the two-piece golf ball is made for distance, while the multi-layered types generally focus more on spin.

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Express Your Style With ID Lanyards

Self-expression is very important to young people. One of the ways we express our personalities is through our personal style. The way we dress gives others an idea of what we are like or, at least, an idea of what we think we are like. Group of friends or cliques also use personal styles or fashion trends to identify each other as a group and create a sense of belongingness.

But if you’re a student required to wear uniforms, how will you be able to do this? Do you need to break school regulations for the sake of freedom of self-expression? Not necessarily. This is where accessories come in handy. If too much accessories are not allowed, be creative with what you’ve got—ID lanyards.


Nowadays, lanyards come in different styles. If you have the skill, create your own ID lanyards. You can use beads, laces, ribbons, etc. There are a lot of materials you can find out there. But an easier option is to have them customized. Embed into your lanyards a personal logo, a favorite quote that represents who you are, or a title to describe yourself.

Choose from several online shops that offer flexible customization with a variety of materials, colors and styles such as polyester, woven, nylon, tubular, cord and dye sublimated.

Polyester lanyard is our most popular style because of its durability and reasonable price. An excellent choice for the creative but practical type. Its wide width is great for a more visible print. You can have an image printed on it, like a logo of your club or your favorite character.

ID LanyardsA woven lanyard, on the other hand, has a more elegant finish. Often chosen by companies who need professional looking ID lanyards. If you and your friends are more on the preppy side, you might want to consider this. However, woven lanyard is only great for simple texts and designs because, instead of being imprinted, the designs are weaved into the lanyard using thread.

If quality is important regardless of price, choose a nylon lanyard. Nylon material is highly durable and has a shiny and silky finish. It is also the best choice for a complicated or detailed design because it has the most accurate silkscreen print.

But if you’re on a budget, choose a tubular lanyard. This may look similar to a shoelace but it can still look good if you get it from a quality store. And it can even look better depending on your design or text. Though cheap, our tubular lanyard is made of quality and durable polyester twill fabric.

Cord LanyardsThe cord is the latest lanyard style and preferred choice of those following the latest fashion trends. Its thin and durable design gives a cleaner look. If you prefer less chunky ID lanyards, go for this one. It’s light and comfortable as well. And despite the small width, it can still hold visible texts and deliver your message clearly.

The dye sublimated lanyard offers the most durable imprint. The perfect choice for the artist who values his/her designs above all. Your design or message will not fade or crack because it is imprinted all the way through the material. Choose this if you want your ID lanyards to last almost a lifetime so you can keep them as mementos.

Lastly, you can further customize your lanyards with a variety of attachments. We have the standard lanyard attachments such as the lobster claw, j-hook, bulldog clip, split key ring and cellphone loop. There are also more fancy ones such as the carabiner hook and retractable badge reel.

Lanyards have come a long way from function to fashion. Because of the availability of customized lanyards, they are now not only used to hold keys and ID holders, or as added accessories to a simple uniform, but also used for marketing purposes and self-expression. A simple quote or image can give a subtle yet powerful insight about our personality.

Collecting and Commemorating the Value of Custom Challenge Coins through the Years

Custom challenge coins have great value that should be treasured for life. Whether it came from the army, marines, air force, navy, or other armed services of the government, people need to value their coins. With the increasing worth of these military coins, people are getting more aware of the existence of these precious items. In fact, companies have also taken advantage of the use of these coins in promoting their brand to the masses.

With reliable and affordable coin design services in your area, you are guaranteed to receive quality challenge coins that you exactly need. If you want to build brand awareness and increase your clientele base, then custom challenge coins is the best way to go. Many businesses have already proven the significance of using coins in their brand. However, you need to find a reputable company that can provide you with premium military coin you can use in your campaigns.

Choosing a Dependable Company for Premium Coins

Our company has been providing excellent service to our customers since we have started this business. It is actually our priority to ensure quality in every item that we produce so that customers will enjoy the long lasting value it gives them. And if you want to benefit from custom challenge coins, let us help you create the best designs for a unique representation of your brand. Our custom artwork and design solutions are cost efficient to deliver coins that you’ve been looking for.Custom Challenge Coins

As your trustworthy manufacturing company of military coin, you are sure to obtain extraordinary coins no one has ever handled yet. Through the help of experience coin makers in the industry, we are able to produce special coins that people love to use. In fact, we have collectors checking out our site to find exclusive coins they haven’t seen before. The more unique your coin is the better the value it has. So, if you want worthy coins, please feel free to contact us today to get more details.

Finding the Finest Challenge Coins in the Market Today

The repeat customers that we have include units, officers, soldiers, and other professionals who are involved in the armed services. However, there are businessmen who also purchase our coins due to their promotional campaigns needs. Good brand representation is essential to any business so let us help you get the right coins you need. You can enjoy greater savings once you’ve decided to order from us especially for bulk orders.

If you have your own design, you can just send it to us and we will manufacture challenge coins that exactly look like your own unique design. The custom challenge coins that you will get from us are guaranteed with ultimate value and design you want for your personal and business needs. So whether it’s a hobby or work-related requirement, we are here to provide you with more options to choose from so that you can find the perfect coin you can be proud to carry.

Ultimate Benefits to Enjoy when Ordering Coins Online

With free shipping within the United States, you can also take advantage of our free design services. The traditional practice of carrying challenge coins begun in the early years where in the World War I took place. Military officials are obliged to carry their coins whenever and wherever they go to fulfill duties and avoid compromises. In fact, these coins are also used to build morale and discipline among officials and members of an organization.

For those who want to create value in their brand, challenge coins are the perfect solutions. The preciousness that each coin holds actually gives pride to each member that carries it. Hence, you can develop lasting symbol for your association or business with challenge coins. You may call us today if you are interested to know more about our fine products and services currently offered in the market.

What is a Keynote Speaker?

The words “keynote speaker” is a rather confusing term for most people. The term “keynote” comes from the words “key note,” which is actually the key in which music groups (such as acapella groups) will sing a particular song. In events, meetings, and seminars, a keynote is a speech or talk that sets the “mood” of a certain theme. It serves as a summarization of the events or topics that will be discussed or could be used to emphasize a point that will be brought up several times. Keynote speeches are usually short, not going above an hour (including the Q&A portion if the segment has any).

speakerHowever, it should be kept in mind that a keynote speech and a keynote speaker are not the same as a motivational speech and a motivational speaker. The goal of motivational speakers is to inspire and motivate their audiences. Keynote speakers, on the other hand, are selected because of their expertise and their ability to raise interest from audiences to attend an event.

Some events have an opening keynote speaker to open and outline what will be happening during a series of talks, and also have a closing speaker to do another keynote to summarize what happened during the end of the series and to further emphasize the underlying theme of it all.

Keynote speakers could actually range from motivational speakers, comedians, industry experts, to company CEOs. It all depends on their area of expertise and the type of event being held. For instance, a high school or college graduation ceremony would have a couple of successful alumni as keynote speakers.

Keynote-SpeakerIn a seminar or a series of talks, the speaker tasked to deliver the keynote address will be the one to give an introductory talk before letting the other speakers present a deeper insight on their area of expertise. If the seminar is about comic book writing, the speaker could talk about the state of the local comics industry, the importance of comics, and perhaps cite some of his experiences with working in comics. After he has left the stage, the mood is properly set for the other invited speakers to segue into their own segments, which are more specific in terms of content. In a seminar about comic books, these speakers could talk about self-publishing, inking techniques, or what genres are popular nowadays.

One of the questions that could be raised when talking about keynote speakers is how much they earn. The more famous people within certain industries can earn from $80,000 to $250,000 per speech they give, with travel accommodations included if they’re traveling from place to place. Some keynote speakers ask for fees that could range from $15,000 or lower, while some actually just do keynote speeches for free (mostly to gain reputation). However, the latter is not recommended for those who want to make keynote speaking a profession, as they will most probably just keep on giving keynote speeches for free.

A good indication to tell if a keynote speaker is bad or good is to pay attention to what he’s saying. The mark of good keynote speakers is how they are able to get the audience buzzing with discussion or by presenting something about the lecture that the audience has not heard or known before.

One of the common mistakes that a bad keynote speaker makes is overloading the audience with information or by focusing on one aspect of the seminar instead of touching on the different aspects that make up its entirety. Bad keynote speakers also fail to capture the interest of the audience or get them more excited for the presentation of the next speakers.

The Pros and Cons of GW1516

In the recent months, the World Anti-Doping Agency took a big step towards informing the world, the sports organizations and the medical field of the dangers of the use of the banned substance gw1516. In the past years, this banned black market drug has been marketed as Endurobol to athletes, sports enthusiasts, and other people who would like to improve their performance in physical activities. According to the said agency, this banned substance is very harmful. Therefore, they would like each person to have awareness of its dangers so that they will be mindful not to use the said banned substance or performance enhancer.

image1Just last year, a cyclist from Russia, together with 4 other cyclists from Costa Rica, was apprehended by the sports organizations and was thereby banned from the major tournament. Up to now, no one knows how these cyclists specifically got hold of this illegal substance, considering the fact that the same was already banned by sports organizations and committees worldwide. However, an insider already claimed that the cyclists did in fact get hold of gw1516 from research labs. The reason is that this banned substance can only be secured in the aforementioned laboratories as a ‘research reagent.’

Despite the fact that the substance or drug has been banned by sports organizations, a simple Googling will tell you that several individual retailers on the internet already claimed to be selling the banned drug for a price. Most of these online retailers frequent in bodybuilding forums. In these bodybuilding forums, many bodybuilding enthusiasts and gym-goers are discussing the fact that they would like to try out the effectiveness of gw1516 despite the apparent danger that is associated with it. In these discussions, online retailers usually emphasize the huge returns and benefits that a person will enjoy once he uses this drug. One supposed perk is losing a good amount of weight by using the body fat for energy. Another supposed benefit is the so-called cardiovascular endurance (aerobic and anaerobic) that the drug will bring to anyone who will willingly use it. Otherwise, these gym goers might be completely ignorant of the fact that these substances were already banned.

Were this substance been tested on animals?

Yes. More than a decade ago, there was a scientist in the name of Ronald M. Evans who actually performed a lots of experiments with the use of the substance. At the time, Ronald M. Evans was connected with the Howard Hughes Medical Centre and Salk Institute. In this experiment, there are two sets of mice that were experimented on. The first sets of mice are the ones that were not dosed with the gw1516. The second sets of mice are the ones that were dosed with the banned drug. In the series of experiments conducted with the support of the Institute, it was found that the laboratory mice that were given the substance significantly improved their cardiovascular endurance. More specifically, the second set of mice run twice the distance of the first set of mice. Therefore, there was indeed a huge boost on the cardiovascular endurance (both aerobic and anaerobic) of the animals.

How is it even possible?

The only possible explanation at this point in time is that the drug has a certain positive effect on a gene that is involved in  building, growth, development and regulating muscles in a body. This gene is the PPAR-delta gene. According to the group of scientists led by Evans, a dose of gw1516 stimulates activity of the PPAR-delta gene that leads to the building and regulation of body muscles.