The Pros and Cons of GW1516

In the recent months, the World Anti-Doping Agency took a big step towards informing the world, the sports organizations and the medical field of the dangers of the use of the banned substance gw1516. In the past years, this banned black market drug has been marketed as Endurobol to athletes, sports enthusiasts, and other people who would like to improve their performance in physical activities. According to the said agency, this banned substance is very harmful. Therefore, they would like each person to have awareness of its dangers so that they will be mindful not to use the said banned substance or performance enhancer.

image1Just last year, a cyclist from Russia, together with 4 other cyclists from Costa Rica, was apprehended by the sports organizations and was thereby banned from the major tournament. Up to now, no one knows how these cyclists specifically got hold of this illegal substance, considering the fact that the same was already banned by sports organizations and committees worldwide. However, an insider already claimed that the cyclists did in fact get hold of gw1516 from research labs. The reason is that this banned substance can only be secured in the aforementioned laboratories as a ‘research reagent.’

Despite the fact that the substance or drug has been banned by sports organizations, a simple Googling will tell you that several individual retailers on the internet already claimed to be selling the banned drug for a price. Most of these online retailers frequent in bodybuilding forums. In these bodybuilding forums, many bodybuilding enthusiasts and gym-goers are discussing the fact that they would like to try out the effectiveness of gw1516 despite the apparent danger that is associated with it. In these discussions, online retailers usually emphasize the huge returns and benefits that a person will enjoy once he uses this drug. One supposed perk is losing a good amount of weight by using the body fat for energy. Another supposed benefit is the so-called cardiovascular endurance (aerobic and anaerobic) that the drug will bring to anyone who will willingly use it. Otherwise, these gym goers might be completely ignorant of the fact that these substances were already banned.

Were this substance been tested on animals?

Yes. More than a decade ago, there was a scientist in the name of Ronald M. Evans who actually performed a lots of experiments with the use of the substance. At the time, Ronald M. Evans was connected with the Howard Hughes Medical Centre and Salk Institute. In this experiment, there are two sets of mice that were experimented on. The first sets of mice are the ones that were not dosed with the gw1516. The second sets of mice are the ones that were dosed with the banned drug. In the series of experiments conducted with the support of the Institute, it was found that the laboratory mice that were given the substance significantly improved their cardiovascular endurance. More specifically, the second set of mice run twice the distance of the first set of mice. Therefore, there was indeed a huge boost on the cardiovascular endurance (both aerobic and anaerobic) of the animals.

How is it even possible?

The only possible explanation at this point in time is that the drug has a certain positive effect on a gene that is involved in  building, growth, development and regulating muscles in a body. This gene is the PPAR-delta gene. According to the group of scientists led by Evans, a dose of gw1516 stimulates activity of the PPAR-delta gene that leads to the building and regulation of body muscles.